I hope you ask peoples permission before you photograph them cause I live in Airdrie and you some creepy shit — Asked by sandwich-jesus


I don’t, and I won’t and if you aren’t happy about not having privacy in the public you should probably read up on your rights (which are that you have no privacy rights in public spaces) and second talk to the really creepy ones. the ones pointing video cameras at your every move all day long everywhere you go. talk to the walmarts. the parking lot cams. the street cams. the everywhere cams. talk to them about creepy. 

they’re spying on you. I’m trying to show that life is like for us at this particular time in history.

moreover, I’m following the in some very well trodden photographic footsteps. 

not sure what you might find creepy about that but each to their own. 

if you’re really legitimately made uncomfortable by cameras in public spaces you should probably write your MLA, harass tourists (oh, those german slide shows you keep popping up in picking your nose in the background), and possibly seek psychiatric help. 

alternatively you could take to wearing a guy fawkes mask everywhere you go. 

but that’s more likely to get street photographers after you all the time. 

finally, your concerns would probably carry more weight with me if when i checked out your tumblr you hadn’t reblogged a bit of spy cam footage of guys nearly getting wiped out by a bus.  you have no issues posting those people on your blog. people who were spied on then published on the internet but i’m creepy? okay. nice try. go back your daily gifs and let the people trying to create something in the world do so in peace.